viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2015

MBE - A great experience.

Today is the last blog! … And although I have to admit that sometimes I was (like always) irresponsible, doing the blogs was kind a relaxation because when you are in a career where you have to write a lot and always about the others, have the time to speak about your experiences on some topics is fun. The thing I liked the most was having this space on Internet where you have your own rules like the editorial for a media. What I liked least was have to comment my classmate’s blogs because sometimes I just have no opinion about it, but I understand that is the only way to prove the feedback. I think this English class help me to practice and improve my writing a lot because we have to do a blog every week so that was like take the English pen again after a long time. The classroom environment was good because everyone was nice. If I can say one thing that I pretend to do since now is not stop practicing my English by writing or seeing movies or do anything but in English, because when you stop practicing you forget a lot of things.

Thanks for everything … J

viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

Colombia, the risk is wanting to stay

Today we have to write about places! And I’m going to write about one of the places that I want it to go since a long time ago, Colombia! There are a lot of reasons that makes me think that Colombia it’s a beautiful place to visit. One of them is the weather, because you can find freezing weather on the hills of Bogotá and hard temperatures on the beach of Cartagena de Indias. The wheatear also produces different kind of vegetation and that it’s so amazing because it looks beautiful for example with the architecture of Cartagena de Indias, and more interesting on the Colombian jungle with all the wild and colourful animals. Many people say that Colombia could be a dangerous place for the guerrilla and all the drugs deal but I think that there are lots of myths with those problems and as a tourist that part of the country can make your travel a little interesting for all the stories about.

Other the reasons that makes me wish to be in Colombia is the Colombian people. Since years ago a lot of Colombians starts immigrate to Chile like a lot of others foreigners but for me the best are the Colombian because they have great’s personalities full of energy happiness and love to give. They are always smiling and give us a big lesson about how to treat others.

Finally to convince you that Colombia is a great place to visit I’m going to show you a video about the country to make you fall in love with this marvellous place:

Colombia, the risk is wanting to stay

viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

Let's get it started... My favorite band: Black Eyed Peas!!

Hi everyone!  Today the topic of the class is music and I want to talk about my favorite band, Black Eyed Peas.  They are an American hip hop, R&B, pop and electronic band that born in 1995 on L.A. The band formed by, Fergie, and Taboo, was on 90’s a male hip hop band but when Fergie get in on 2003, they started catching fame being known for all the people across the world with the song “Where is the love” that was on top in every chart. With 7 albums, 6 Grammys and 7 tours, their music is in the unconscious of everybody and I’m sure that when you listen their songs on the radio you start humming.

When I was in school I met one of my best friends of nowadays Ignacia. She was the person who showed me the band and everyday when we went into her house or mine we listen all the classics songs like “Let’s get it started”, “Where is the love” or “Don't Phunk With My Heart singing like we were in a concert. As years passed by we grew up and the band changed a little bit their style but we still liked. Songs like “I gotta Feeling” or “Whenever” were their new hits that had almost the same impact like their old songs.

When me and my friend was on the last year at school Black Eyed Peas made a concert in Chile and we were lucky to go. That was one of the best experience of my life, because was my first concert and still the best. They played songs of their old and new albums making a big show with wonderful lights and special effects that turned all the people crazy.

After that me and my friend promised that when Black Eyed Peas come to Chile again we have 
to go together to the concert. We are still friends but Black Eyed Peas are already separated, Fergie have a solo career and the rest are a male band again, but we haven’t given up hope about they can get together again :’).           

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

An expert on your field. MOM :)

Today the topic was an expert on your field, and like it happens to me in my other blogs there is just one image that comes inside my mind: MOM. To be truly I don´t really know a lot of people that makes an important job in the journalism area, and I don´t like to be cliché with my opinions and write about some famous international writer or something. I prefer to talk about such an important woman on the Chilean journalism that I have the honor to meet and have classes with her. I’m talking about María Olivia Mönckeberg. She is a Journalist from Universidad Católica de Chile, Teacher at the Universidad de Chile since 2007, and actually the director from the Instituto de la Comuncación e Imagen. She did and still doing her work in the investigation journalism area, publishing books about the most controversial topics in the country, like education with “La privatizacion de las universidades” or religion with “El imperio del Opus Dei en Chile” and the last one about the big fraud in the cases of Soquimich and Penta with “La maquina para defraudar”. For all her contribution for the Chilean society and her work in years of the Pinochet dictatorship, she obtained the National Journalism Award in 2009.

But anyway all that I mention are things that you can find anywhere on the internet and I would like to talk about that piece of MOM that I could meet on classes. With a scary character but at the same time so sweet like a granny, her mission is to train the best Chilean journalists or at least try to. Every single class at 8.30 on Mondays was like feeling that she can ask you anything about currently success that she listen on the radio at the morning and make you give a critical opinion about it. Or how to forget that longs conversations about her books where she explains how she gets the sources. If you talk quietly she tell you, if you talk fast she tell you, she tell every single detail that you didn’t make good at the moment of talk or write. She is a great teacher from the old school that sometimes is so scary but at the same time in her eyes you can see a grandma that the only thing about she cares is make you a better person and do an ethic work.        

My desired dog :)

The today’s topic is pets and I’m going to talk about my lovely Anais. When I was a kid I always wanted to have a dog but my father never let me have one because he said that the animals have to be free even when they are domestic. For years in my house the deal of have or not a pet was the subject of the weekends lunches. Once my dad let me have a chicken and was so fun because my mother used to do the cleanliness with him in her shoulder. After a few months the chicken gets bigger and angry … kind of wild animal, so I can’t even feed him. One of my uncles takes him to the country and the last thing that I know about him was that he taste good. After that my feeling of have a pet still in my heart so the weekend lunch subject continues. One day I came from classes almost crying because of that so my mother talk seriously with my father, and for my birthday I received my little Anais. She is Fox Terrier Toy, the Chilean breed. When I meet her she was sleeping in her dish, was so cute. Paradoxically nowadays my father sleep with her and is the one who cares the most. Anais have 10 human year and 70 dog years so is old but still having the energy of her best days in my house.        

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

A family Photograph

Taking photographs today is a daily thing. A lot of people take selfies every time, everywhere and even some people take pictures to the food. Weird or not nowadays pictures have not the same value as before, because the technology gives us the opportunity of take them almost at the same time like the eye. For me the most valuable pictures are the ones that we take with our friends or family, so today I´m going to show you one of my most treasured family photo.

This picture was taken on 2009 on the summer vacations. I was 16 years old and with my parents, my sister and my brother in law, we went into San Pedro de Atacama in the north of Chile. We were there for 13 days visiting all the touristic places like laguna Cejar, geiser del Tatio, and the beautiful moon valley where the picture was taken. The moment of the capture was magic because we were on the top of the mountain and a group of guys were making Andean music so the atmosphere was so quiet and spiritual so I will never forget .   

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

My favorite Series: Orange is the new black!!

Hi everyone!!, today Im going to talk about one of the series that makes me lost a lot of time at the end of the fisrt semester, when I have to be studying for my exams but instead I spend all the nights with my eyes on the computer. Im talking about Orange is the new black, a series that is part of the new way to see movies, series, and a lot of tv programs by internet on the streamming program Netflix. OITNB is an american comedy-drama created by Jenji Kohan and its based on the Paper Kerman's book about her experience on the women's prision. The character that represent Paper Kerman on the series is Paper Chapman a woman who lives so funny experiences but at the same time dramatics and intense moments with all of her fellow prisioners. The story begins when paper was close to get married and suddenly she receives a letter from the police saying that she was betrayed by a woman (her exgirlfriend) for being an accomplice on drug traffic. After that she is sentenced to 15 month on prision, the moment when all the magic start. a lot of flashback of her and her fellow prisioners stories reveals the reasons that put them behind bars and all of this mixed with the inside sistem that take the black side of Piper, or maybe the real Piper. 

With 3 Seasons online and 3 Emmys on the characters, OITNB is one of the series that you shouldn't miss.